7 Best Messengers in Terms of Privacy

7 Best Messengers in Terms of Privacy

None of us wants our messages to be read by others. Especially if these messages decide the fate of the deal and describe your existing business. We tried to select the seven best messengers with encryption and other privacy tools, thereby making your choice as easy as possible.

  1. Signal Private Messenger

Messenger is built on top of TextSecure and RedPhone. Here you can chat face to face and create group chats. Data is not transmitted to the company’s servers. End-to-end encryption between devices is enabled by default. You can make voice and video calls. All source code is open.

  1. Telegram

All messages are encrypted. Their self-destruct timer increases security to the highest possible level. The service uses an open protocol. Encryption is entrusted to the MTProto technology. Of course, all non-destroyed messages are stored in data centers, but even there this information is encrypted.

  1. Wickr Me

Neither intruders nor even overly smart acquaintances who have entered into correspondence with you will be able to gain access to your data. Messages here are not stored on servers, which is also a great advantage of this application.

  1. Threema

This program provides end-to-end encryption of all data. This makes everything encrypted:

  • messages;
  • group chats;
  • statuses;
  • multimedia files.

It is almost impossible to gain access to information from the outside. It uses the open-source NaCl library for encryption. The decryption key is accessed only by users’ devices.

  1. Twinme

The great advantage of this application is that it uses serverless technology to exchange messages between users. All your data and correspondence are not stored in different processing centers. Your messages, photos, and other files that you exchange with your interlocutors are not stored anywhere.

  1. Vipole

Personal data, files, passwords, notes, and other information are kept protected thanks to the end-to-end encryption system. In addition, there is a function to hide the IP address when making calls. In the application settings, you can set the automatic message deletion mode and the period. This allows you to erase the correspondence after a certain time.

  1. Zed Messenger

Any information in the messenger is securely encrypted. In addition, the program allows you to create huge group chats, including up to 200 thousand participants. Each of them can exchange files and documents of any type, and the administrator can configure bots.

A few years ago, messengers were provided by only a couple of large companies, but now you can get confused with the variety of such applications. We have to admit that we live in an era when the personal data of users is of particular value. Therefore, everyone must be extremely careful when exchanging information. A good way out of this situation is to download and install a secure messenger.

However, for the greatest protection of correspondence, it is advisable to use LAN messenger, capable of organizing the exchange of messages within a local network – whether it is an office or home network.