Why a Business Should Use Messengers for LAN and Why It Is Safe

Why a Business Should Use Messengers for LAN and Why It Is Safe

It is not always possible to quickly exchange a word or two with a person in the next office. Often, company employees choose Skype and Whatsapp as services for solving business issues. But is it so convenient and safe? We will tell you why popular applications are not suitable for business purposes and why it is better to implement a corporate LAN messenger in the network.

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Social Media and Excess of Personal Information

Social media is good for friendly conversations. However, they should not be considered as a tool for business communication – there is too much emphasis on a person’s personal life.

Many companies have a negative attitude towards the use of social networks during work hours. To discuss work issues, you need something else, for example, messengers, which will not contain personal posts.

Skype and Privacy Concerns

Skype is used for both personal and business communication. In many companies, employees solve work problems using this service. This is facilitated by convenient functionality: calls, conferences and availability on any device. Skype is the first messenger to introduce telephony, which made it possible to become the leader in international calls.

However, several disadvantages prevent it from becoming an ideal application for a corporate network. For example, there is no way to search for information on the history. But the main disadvantage is the lack of confidentiality. All information is stored on the messenger services. So, the user agreement contains a clause according to which Microsoft has the right to collect information about users.

Corporate LAN Messenger Is Problem Solution

As we have already found out, popular messaging applications have enough drawbacks that prevent them from becoming a convenient means of business communication. Some cannot maintain confidentiality, others confuse personal and business life. The way out of the situation is seen in the use of a separate corporate LAN messenger.

Benefits of LAN Messengers for Business

The goal of LAN messengers is to provide a simple tool for discussing business issues. Safety and usability are two paramount things that a messaging application must guarantee.

The messenger must ensure the security of confidential data, have a set of functions tailored to the requirements of modern companies: audio and video calls, structured communication, etc.

  • Using this type of messengers, you limit the circle of persons who have access to information, and thereby guarantee confidentiality. You no longer need to trust your messages to outsiders.
  • End-to-End encryption is responsible for security. This means that no one except the recipient will be able to read the message. Data is transmitted directly, and encryption and decryption are performed without involving a server. Today, no one disputes the reliability of such cryptography.
  • Communication between employees is available even in the absence of the Internet.

Thus, if you need an application that allows users on the same network to communicate with each other (for example, in the same office or company), then a LAN messenger is an excellent solution for your business.