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5 SaaS Tools For Web Startups

Startups have limited resources and staff and sometimes some of these new found businesses get funding from investors or licensed lending companies for additional capital. To grow and thrive, startups need to find the most efficient and useful SaaS tools to make up for its limitations. It is like hiring hundreds of staff that you can’t actually afford.

For a small business startup, you can choose from a myriad of options to help your business function well. Do not get overwhelmed with too many software to choose from. Here are five best SaaS for your web startup.


Wave is a Cloud-based Accounting SaaS. You may have heard of Quickbooks Online but Wave is for free. It creates an all-in-one accounting solution for small businesses. You can track expenses, keep invoices, view reports and more in just one place. Add to that, it has no limits since it is in Cloud. Free version can’t track timesheets, but for startups, it is more than sufficient.


GitHub is a Collaborative Coding SaaS tool. It is considered a must-have for every web startup. It can be used for working on word documents, spreadsheets, and other basic document tools. Version control, branching, and merging has been made easy too.


Toggl is a Productivity SaaS tool lets you track where your times have probably gone. It keeps your productivity in check. Toggl is specially created for freelancers, consultants and small businesses who want to track the time spent on a project. The time entries are synced between the phone app, desktop, and Toggl Chrome Extension.


Unbounce in an A/B Testing SaaS tool. If you want to optimize your marketing campaigns, you need to use Unbounce to know which strategy can bring in more sales to your startup. Get to know which landing page can convert more and which runs more efficiently to meet your goals.

Moz Analytics

MOZ Analytics is best for startups with a new website. This helps your SEO efforts as you track the best keywords that you should focus on. Add to that, it has a free Chrome extension tool that can help you see your competitors’ website domain authority. 

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